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Sarah has paddled over 1,000 miles!!! 🥳

This River Queen has now officially paddled over 1,000 miles! 🛶 ONE. THOUSAND. MILES. ❤️‍🔥*Obligatory cue of Vanessa Carlton*

Fun Fact: Sarah and I did not know each other before this trip! That’s right, Sarita decided to jump on a 1,000 mile canoe trip - in the WINTER - with a total stranger (me). We met in person on December 4th, the same day she joined me on The River in Hannibal, MO, and we’ve been paddling together ever since. I like to say she’s the best blind date I’ve ever had.

We’ve seen it all together: temps below freezing, temps below zero (°F), the Mississippi choked with ice, giant whirlpools, rapids and eddys that could easily flip your boat, stunning sunsets, painful sun burns, sandstorms, full moons, new moons, the Milky Way, barges, tugs, and now even ocean liners. We’ve spent countless hours listening to musicals, podcasts, playlists, and to each other. We’ve shared fears, inside jokes, and the same tent for the last 3 months. And together we have made SO many sacred friends along the way!

I sometimes can’t believe how lucky I am to have found such an incredibly well suited paddle partner, friend, and fellow #RiverSnake 🫱🏾🐍 In honor of all this and more, please join me in celebrating Sarah’s Thousand Mile Milestone! 🥳

Felicidades Sarita Bonita! ✨ I’d paddle with you a thousand miles more any day.

📸: Photos 1, 3-5 by Lee Vue

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