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Day 133: The Final Push! 🛶

Day 133: 11 miles to Lower River Mile Zero. 22 miles to the Gulf of México.

We have reached the literal end of the road! From here on out you can only travel by water. 🛶

Once we make it to the Head of Passes Light (River Mile 0) we will take the South Pass and camp 2 miles into the pass. And then tomorrow we will paddle the rest of the way to the Gulf! ✨

We are still trying to find a boat to pick us up from the Gulf to bring us back to Venice tomorrow afternoon. Once we leave Venice today there is a high chance we won’t have cell phone service anymore until we’ve finished the trip. Soooo wish us luck that something pulls through in the next hour 🤞🏾

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1 Comment

Mar 04, 2023

Best wishes for the remaining miles of trip!

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