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Held in Community 💜

Great adventures like this don’t happen without the love and support of Community 💜 Although Espoir and I have both been guides for a long time, we didn’t actually own very much of our own gear. Enter our friends, family, and the places where we work! Here are just a few of the folx who helped to get us this far:

Wilderness Inquiry outfitted the majority of our gear, with YMCA Camp Menogyn and fellow Water Protector Liam DelMain (our friend and Espoir’s cousin!) filling in the gaps. Les Voyageurs of Concordia Language Villages gave us a huge food resupply, and Espoir’s aunt and uncle (Cathy and Paul) lent us our first sweet canoe. When we realized it was actually a bit too small for all of our gear, Sammi Armacost lent us Lil’ Mama, the big red canoe she and her father took down the Mississippi last year! We also have to shout out Nicole (Espoir’s mom), Ella (her aunt), and Paix for bringing us our first food and water drops, shuttling our car, giving us rides, and making dinner with us on the first night.  Big thanks also goes to our dear friend Emily Ford (and Diggins!), who shuttled us all the way from Duluth back to Lake Winnibigoshish after our break over Labor Day. And last but not least, we want to send SO much love to our friends at Granite Gear for giving us all of our brand new, big, beautiful packs!

These amazing people and places are the reason we were able to make this trip happen in its infancy. We are incredibly grateful and proud to be part of so many communities that have held and supported us in such a myriad of ways.

Muchísimas gracias mi gente! ❤️‍🔥

💜 Cory Maria Dack

  1. Dinner with Sammi and Emily 🥰

  2. Meg Krueger helps Espoir load up all of our fabulous gear from Wilderness Inquiry 🛶

  3. Photos 3-5: Some of our beautiful new Granite Gear packs ! 🤩

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