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Cory has now paddled over 2,000 miles!!! ❤️‍🔥

Big Milestones on Day 120: I have now officially paddled over TWO THOUSAND MILES 🤯

It’s sort of difficult for me to wrap my head around a number or an accomplishment like this, even as I am the person who actively just accomplished it. I will just have to pontificate on the matter at a later date.

On to more milestones! Today we also:

• Crossed the Louisiana/Mississippi State border. From here on out we’re bordered by Louisiana and Louisiana *only.* The last time we were surrounded by one state on both sides of The River was back in Minnesota!

• All of the green buds in the trees can mean only one thing: we have now paddled into our fourth season, SPRING 🌸 The temps have continued to dip below freezing occasionally at night, but the days are often warm and lovely. I have definitely cried happy tears over this.

• We are only 44 miles from Baton Rouge, 184 miles from New Orleans, and under 300 miles from the ocean!

• Last but not least, Mark-John and Sunny Bear are going to rejoin us on the River in a day and a half! My heart is FILLED with joy! 🥲

Lots more today but I’m already falling asleep in my tent as I write this. So for now I will simply say…

📸: The first photo was taken by Lee Vue on New Year’s Day ✨

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1 Comment

Feb 25, 2023

Congratulations! You are almost there.... back to the source. Blessings from your friends at Dayempur Farm.

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